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Liquid Death

With populations growing, scientists are predicting potential water conflicts as violence associated with water surges globally.

In anticipation of the inevitable Water Wars over scarcity of fresh, drinkable water, Liquid Death will begin selling weapons made of their recycled cans to arm their followers.

**student work


Liquid Death is a canned water company who wishes death to plastic. 


Limited edition weapons made from Liquid Death cans will be sold to aid people in defending themselves during the Water Wars. 

LD Sword.png
LD Helmet.png
LD Dagger.png
LD Chestplate.png
LD Axe.png
LD Nunchucks.png
LD HitList.png
LD Mace.png
LD Knuckles.png

On The Site

Big Bertha

The Penetrator

Brain Bucket

Mr. Shanky

The Hit List

The Enforcer

Napoleon Dynamite

The Big Bang

Heart Saver

LD Sword Page.jpg

All proceeds go to Charity: water. A non-profit organization that provides drinking water to people in developing nations.


Displayed throughout cities, alerting us about the up and coming Water Wars.

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Free Outdoor Building Wall Advertisement Billboard Mockup PSD copy_final.png
Free Underground Hall Billboard Mockup For Advertisement copy 2_final.png
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Combat Tutorial

Wiki How

Buzzfeed Quiz

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